Friday, December 3, 2010


One food item I am wild about is kombu seaweed. Whether I am preparing rice, soup, oatmeal, or any other boiled food; I add about an inch of it to every inch of boiling water that I am using.

Now the reasons for my madness. According to "The Kind Life", they "are considered tumor inhibitors, and researchers at both McGill University and the FDA have found that alginate present naturally binds and discharges radioactive materials such as strontium 90 and cadmium from the body. They are also aniti-inflammatory, antiviral, reduce blood pressure and make for truly badass skin, hair, and nails."

What other reasons do you need? Add some kombu to your diet today!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not so vegan "eggie cakes"

So this one is a total throwback to my childhood. I have been told that my grandfather used to make it for my dad and then my parents made it for me. I like it because its warm and sweet and has all the memories of being a kid wrapped up in it. Also I love real maple syrup on breakfast.

Basically you make pancake batter (however you like it). Then you are put it in a hot greased pan (we grease with coconut oil these days for pancakes). The secret is leaving a hole in the middle for the egg to be placed into. You let the pancake cook for a few minutes and then add the egg when the pancake is almost ready to be flipped. This gives the egg just enough time to settle and you don't burn the pancake. Then you flip the egg and cook for another two or three minutes, depending on how brown you like your eggie cakes.

Add earth balance and maple syrup and watch your family and yourself smile!

On this lovely day I was feeling extra inspired and I also made home-fries. For these I typically boil the potatoes for about 10 minutes. Then I chop them into bite sizes and add them to a pan of caramelized onions. They cook for about 15 minutes more and then are served hot with ketchup!