Friday, December 3, 2010


One food item I am wild about is kombu seaweed. Whether I am preparing rice, soup, oatmeal, or any other boiled food; I add about an inch of it to every inch of boiling water that I am using.

Now the reasons for my madness. According to "The Kind Life", they "are considered tumor inhibitors, and researchers at both McGill University and the FDA have found that alginate present naturally binds and discharges radioactive materials such as strontium 90 and cadmium from the body. They are also aniti-inflammatory, antiviral, reduce blood pressure and make for truly badass skin, hair, and nails."

What other reasons do you need? Add some kombu to your diet today!


  1. Kombu is not something I often have in my cupboard, but your reasons seem like a good one to include in my diet. I will have to kepe my beady brown eyes out for some.