Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Our favorite kind of pizza starts with Brio focaccia which is made fresh and organic in Arcata. Then I add tomato sauce (jarred kind which I add pureed sweet potatoes to), black olives, red onions, pineapple and mozzarella. For salad I went simple with leftover homemade ranch! The whole thing takes less than 20 minutes and is delicious!


My first ever crust turned out really good. Its hard to go wrong with a nine tablespoons of butter! Inside this wonderful "pie" (as we called it to our daughter) there was eggs, rice dream, kale, spinach, mushrooms, onions and of course garlic. I served it with a big green salad and homemade ranch dressing. To make the ranch I mix equal parts mayo and plain goat yogurt, then I add tons of chopped garlic, garlic powder, salt & pepper-hidden valley eat your heart out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gigi LOVES sushi

I mean she really REALLY REALLY loves it! She asks for it almost daily and I, being an awesome mom, make it for her. I usually just put in avocado for her and a mix of sushi rice and brown rice. To make the rice really sticky I add rice vinegar, mirin, and a little bit of sucanat.


For a while now I have been gently asked by my mate to make him biscuits. I tried my hand at them and we were all pleasantly surprised. I used half white and half whole wheat flour to make it more "crunchy". Add some honey butter and jam and you got yourself a meal (at least in our house we consider that a meal). I finally got to use our Easter cookie cutters too! We had little birds, eggs, and lambs!

A Classic

Marinated tempeh, basmati rice & veggies. There really is no going wrong with this delicious, nutritious powerhouse. The marinade is equal parts maple syrup and tamari with a dash of rice vinegar. It only needs to sit for an hour, but overnight is good too! Be sure to save some to pour over your dinner (or lunch)! On the bottom picture is an extra piece of portabella mushroom that I baked the night before!

Pita Paradise

Pita pockets filled with hummus, tabbouleh, goat cheese, avocados, spinach & red onions. Accompanied by corm and more tabbouleh! Oh and the pitas are lightly toasted first. YUMMY!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Is chocolate mousse pie appropriate ?

Not all vegetarian food is dinner....no no, ask me to name a favorite dessert and I will answer in a millisecond-CHOCOLATE!!! So to quench my desire for that delicious treat I have been making mousse pie.....Its fair to say that its a big hit at my house.