Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kale Chips

I recently acquired a recipe for kale chips from my friend Miriam and it is the bomb! With her permission I will reprint it here!

This recipe requires a dehydrator:
~Cut stems from 2 bunches kale. I like the curly, leafy kind the best.
~Keep kale whole or rip it into bite size pieces.
~Blend in food processor until very smooth:
1.5 cups cashews soaked for an hour or more
4 cloves garlic
3-4 slices of roasted red peppers
juice from one lemon
juice from two oranges
1-1.5 cups nutritional yeast
.5 cups soy sauce or brags
.5-1 cup water
You can add more yeast to thicken or water to thin. You want a very thick, but pourable sauce.
~Toss kale in special sauce, wipe off excess shouldn't be dripping or too sparse-experimentation works best here-see what you like!
~Spread single layer on parchment or Teflexx lined dehytrator trays
~Dry at 140 for about 4 hours
~Take kale off parchment and put directly on trays and dry for another 1-3 hours or longer until fully dry, crisp and brittle.

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