Saturday, March 27, 2010

A few meals

I have been trying lots of new things lately. Hijiki seaweed, umeboshi plums and tons of tacos. I read a book recently called "The Kind Diet" by Alicia Silverstone. It really seemed to be right on about everything and she simply states, with tons of facts and evidence, that vegan is the way to go. I'm cutting down a lot of various animal products. I finally bought Veganase and Earth Balance too. Small changes, like adding in more seaweed (filled with calcium, and countless vitamins minerals) and pickles (great for digestion and full of enzymes-if you get the kind without sugar or vinegar) can really make a difference. The pictures show the magical non-dairy spread found only in Santa Cruz called, Annies non-dairy spread. Very strange colored (its orange from pimentos) but its just amazing. I grew up on the stuff. Mostly we have been having pitas filled with tempeh bacon, spinach, squash, hummus and annies and we are in heaven. Now on to the taco phenomenon. Not sure if its the new sprouted corn tortillas or the readily available mangos but something about this time has screamed "TACOS!!!!" We fry the tortillas in Earth Balance and then fill them with brown rice, refried beans, cabbage, avocados, mango and optional cheese for the hubby.

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