Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It came to me tonight while gorging myself on juicy artichokes grown down the street from me, that artichokes are like the ribs of vegetables. When you eat them you use your hands and get very messy. There is a sense of being a truly savage animal while ripping apart something with your teeth. They were truly delicious. I had them with some veganase chiplote dressing. I covet the recipe for that dressing. They include it with the taco salad at our local natural foods store. I will be experimenting and I will find out what is in it!


  1. Artichokes are subtle little things that wreak havoc with my diet. On the surface, simple vegi's but add oil/mayonnaise and they become delectable delights guaranteed to plump my hips.

  2. I love Artichokes but articokes are going out of season. I have been raised eating them..they are beyond delicous and if you estimate the right time to cook them in the microwave you will get a heart that melts in your mouth. mmmm :)